The Effects Of Tourism On The Economy

Tourism is a massive part of any country’s economy and can create both income and jobs on a constant basis. The reasons people tour are often rooted in the desire to celebrate, get away from day to day life, and to experience new things.

But people who are on vacation want to spend money, and they are perfectly happy too! If a country is well known for its production of lava rocks, or chocolate, or beads, or fish people will come for those things and pay higher prices for them.

Food, hotels, rental cars, and services are all expenses that people make and the funds go directly into the country’s economy. Also, the more tourism that is created, the more jobs are needed to staff the hotels and restaurants and other services.

More people coming to the country and spreading money around also raises the standard of living for the natives of the country and can also improve economic development for the country as more roads, hotels, and restaurants are built and staffed to handle the increased number of tourists.

This can also become a way for smaller countries to keep up with neighbors who are exporting raw or completed goods and bolstering their economy, as tourism can either match or increase those totals for a smaller country’s economy. In addition, smaller countries still have all the effects of tourism such as development and jobs for their people.

However, not all tourism is a benefit to countries, and in some cases, excessive tourism can cause more problems than it solves.

In the case of smaller countries that need tourism to keep up with the larger neighbors, political upheaval, natural disasters, weather problems, or terror attacks can bring people away from the country and prevent tourism.

This can have a massive impact on tourism and the country’s economy and recovering the sights as well as the opinion of travelers can take a long time.

Over tourism and other effects such as littering and even cases of tourists outnumbering locals are becoming a serious problem. The quality of life for the natives can be affected and some can even feel like their privacy and their quiet little town has been stolen by outsiders.

Plus if a tourist area has only been used to taking care of one thousand residents, having double or even five times that number can put a strain on local resources and force the government to deal with a town being overwhelmed, and potentially put the needs of money above the needs of the people.

So while Tourism is a doubled edged sword and the people affected can be benefited and harmed by it, it shouldn’t discourage anyone from taking a vacation and spending money. Tourism often helps more than it hurts, and as long as tourism is small scale, it will be beneficial.

Tourism is a benefit for local communities and their economies, and as long as it’s in moderation it will stay that way.